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“In 1965, while I was in Zen, Duc Thai Thuong Lao Quan who was one of three foundators of Taoism in Asian countries had transferred me “Qi Cong Esoteric”. After an effort of hard training of Qi Cong including study of its application in treatment, I have achieved reasonable results. Consequently, I would like to bring such experiences of passing years into the book “Zen Kim Cang Qi Cong” to introduce readers a Qi Cong in Vietnam.

It is said that “The persons who are not good will become good if they practise Qi Cong, the persons who are already nice will be nicer if they practise Qi Cong”. The first purpose of practice of Qi Cong is to improve physical condition, self treatment and then treatment for others. Similarly, Zen Kim Cang Qi Cong does not reflect the nature of struggling as other Kung Fu but it requires a gain of victory over ourselves to step by step improve physical condition and spirit.

In the light to response for the demands of study of Zen Kim Cang Qi Cong from different readers from different countries all over the world, I would like to issue “The Guild for Zen Kim Cang Qi Cong” in which its contents are based on the contents of the above mentioned book “Zen Kim Cang Qi Cong”. The guild book approaches gradually from low to high level, from simplity to complication through three stages as below:

- The basical level includes basical theories and 12 lectures for practicing in the purpose of self treatment and improvement of physical condition.

- The intermediate level is upper theories and 14 lectures of practice to discover potential capacities and treatment for others.

- The advanced level is enlarging theories and 4 lectures of training to test the identity of scenes of microcosm and universe.

Practice of breathing smoothly combining moving and silence Qi Cong is the way of changing yourself from each cell. It effects on all parts of body, creates energy and increase antibody. It further leads people into good ways of thinking and living. Moreover, the learners are able to promote ability to cure patients and contribute to community. As the result, good personalities have good climate to develop through words, thoughts and actions. And consequently, our lives become more happiness.

In Zen Kim Cang Qi Cong, it is easy for learners to recognize all the lectures focus on the ability to self training to improve perfectly the activities of 8 chakrases as the level where it leads people reducing their meals, sleepiness but still maintaining their health and energy. It improves the memory, increases creation, learning, enthusiasm in working without exhaustion, good communication, good doing business and especially ability to control state of emotion and maintain good relationship with others.

The taoist, Kim Cang Ta, said: “Practice of Qi Cong is same as sorting out dirty water to get pure one for life. It raises not only our body but also our spirit. It for instance is a method to cure incurable diseases and the way of sharing lofty purposes. It reflects the love and solidarity in community where there are no distinguish religions, ages, sexes, social position, richness or poorness.” These are the main ideas I would like to launch in the book “The Guild of Zen Kim Cang Qi Cong”


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